Tarot Card Necklaces (Unisex)

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Tarot Card

Introducing our exquisite Gold Tarot Card Necklaces, a collection of meticulously handcrafted jewelry that combines timeless elegance with mystical allure. Each necklace features a meticulously designed tarot card pendant in radiant gold, making it a captivating statement piece for those who appreciate both artistry and symbolism.

  1. The Star Appeals to Dreamers and Optimists Embrace the celestial energy of The Star tarot card. This necklace is a symbol of hope and inspiration, perfect for individuals who believe in the power of dreams and wish to inspire others with their optimism.

  2. The Lover For Romantics and Passionate Souls The Lover tarot card embodies deep connections and passionate love. This necklace is a declaration of affection and a reminder of profound bonds. It's perfect for those who wear their hearts on their sleeves.

  3. The Empress A Symbol of Nurturing and Abundance The Empress tarot card represents fertility and maternal care. This necklace is ideal for those who exude warmth and nurturing energy, making it a thoughtful gift for mothers, caregivers, or anyone radiating abundant love.

  4. The Magician For the Creative and Transformational The Magician tarot card signifies transformation and manifestation. This necklace appeals to creative souls who harness their inner magic to turn dreams into reality. It's a symbol of empowerment.

  5. The Moon For Mystics and Seekers of Hidden Truths The Moon tarot card invites exploration of the subconscious. This necklace is perfect for those drawn to the mystical and enigmatic, appealing to individuals who seek to uncover hidden truths.

  6. The Sun Radiates Joy and Positivity The Sun tarot card embodies joy and positivity. This necklace is a symbol of happiness and enlightenment, making it a perfect accessory for those who radiate warmth and positivity.

  7. Knight of Cups For the Romantic Adventurer The Knight of Cups tarot card represents a romantic and adventurous spirit. This necklace is ideal for those who are passionate about love and open to the exciting journey of emotions.

  8. World A Symbol of Completion and Achievement The World tarot card signifies completion and achievement. This necklace is perfect for those who have achieved milestones or conquered challenges, serving as a reminder of their accomplishments.

  9. Wheel of Fortune Embraces the Cycles of Life The Wheel of Fortune tarot card represents the cycles of life. This necklace is for those who embrace change and the ever-turning wheel of destiny, appealing to those open to life's twists and turns.

Each Gold Tarot Card Necklace is a unique piece of wearable art, reflecting your individuality and the energies you resonate with. Choose your card or collect them all to create a personalized and meaningful jewelry collection that speaks to your soul. Crafted with care and love, these necklaces are a stunning addition to your wardrobe and a reflection of your inner world. Explore the magic of tarot with style and grace.

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Celestial Harmony Bracelet Trio
Celestial Harmony Bracelet Trio
Celestial Harmony Bracelet Trio
Celestial Harmony Bracelet Trio
Celestial Harmony Bracelet Trio
Celestial Harmony Bracelet Trio

Celestial Harmony Bracelet Trio

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  • Celestial symbolism centerpiece
  • Cosmic energy boost
  • Strength reminder charm
  • Stunning layered design
  • Secure toggle clasp
  • Enchanting Zodiac Motifs
  • Trio of Celestial Charms
  • legant 24K Gold-Plated Accents
  • Artisanal Craftsmanship
  • Trio of Celestial Bodies: Sun, Moon, and Star

Embark on a mystical journey with the Celestial Embrace Bracelet Set from Love and Moon Boutique. This set of three bracelets unites the cosmic symbols of the sun, moon, and stars, offering a celestial complement to any outfit.

Each bracelet in the Celestial Embrace Set is more than an accessory; it's a link to the celestial forces. Together, they offer a powerful reminder of the universe's expansive beauty, perfect for the astrology enthusiast or the lover of all things celestial.

  • Design: Unique stone blend design
  • Centerpiece: Glass cabochon with zodiac constellation
  • Natural Stone: All of our stones are ethically sourced
  • Adjustable: Adjustable for comfort for any wrist size

Align With Your
Astral Spirit

Envelop your wrists with the Cosmic Symphony each celestial body orchestrates. The Celestial Harmony Bracelet Trio from Love and Moon Boutique is a medley of heavenly symbols - the vibrant Sun, the mysterious Moon, and the twinkling Stars. Each bracelet, a reflection of celestial phenomena, imbues your presence with the allure of the cosmos.

Orgone 7-Chakra Necklace (18).png__PID:3a79b10f-6155-44ea-8799-f4740d0063a8
Orgone 7-Chakra Necklace (18).png__PID:3a79b10f-6155-44ea-8799-f4740d0063a8

Align With Your Astral Spirit

Envelop your wrists with the Cosmic Symphony each celestial body orchestrates. The Celestial Harmony Bracelet Trio from Love and Moon Boutique is a medley of heavenly symbols - the vibrant Sun, the mysterious Moon, and the twinkling Stars. Each bracelet, a reflection of celestial phenomena, imbues your presence with the allure of the cosmos.

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Carry the Cosmos Wherever You Go

Let the universe dance around your wrist with our Celestial Harmony Bracelet Trio. Each bracelet, uniquely touched by the hands of skilled artisans, is a testament to the enduring beauty of the cosmos. The set is designed to be versatile, complementing any outfit or occasion. Adorn yourself with these tokens of cosmic connection, and move through your day with the grace of the heavens themselves.

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Your Personal Cosmos

Let the Celestial Serenity Turquoise Bracelet be a touchstone to the universe. Each bead is a world within, a microcosm of the celestial expanse. It's not just jewelry; it's a personal galaxy, a constellation cradled on your wrist, reminding you of the boundless wonders that exist within and beyond.


A Constant Source of Inspiration

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, your bracelet serves as a source of motivation and reflection. It reminds you of your connection to the universe and the vast possibilities that lie ahead. This constant source of inspiration is designed to uplift your spirits and keep you aligned with your goals and dreams.


Embrace Celestial Harmony

The Celestial Serenity Turquoise Bracelet intertwines natural beauty with cosmic symbolism. Its intricate design reflects the harmonious balance of the universe, with turquoise stones that evoke the clear skies and infinite space. It’s a testament to the interconnectedness of all things – a true embodiment of celestial harmony and earthly grace.

Unlock the Cosmic Uniqueness with Love and Moon Boutique


Love & Moon



& Moon


Handcrafted with Heart & Soul

Intuitive Celestial Designs

Tailored for Cosmic Harmony

Versatile & Harmonious Fit

Celebrates Your Unique Journey

A Muse for Daily Inspiration

Kelly's Story On How The Celestial Wisdom Club Changed Her Life

Your Unique Cosmic Signature

The unique connection between your personal energy and the celestial bodies. Our bracelets aren’t just jewelry; they’re a celebration of the individuality that each zodiac sign represents.

With artisan craftsmanship, these pieces serve as a constant reminder of your strengths, encouraging self-expression and personal growth. They are more than accessories; they are a personal talisman designed to guide you on your journey through life.

Yes! Align with My Stars!

Over 12,000+ Happy Members

Celestial Serenity

"Embracing the Celestial Serenity Turquoise Bracelet was like being whispered secrets by the stars. Each time I wear it, I'm reminded of the vastness of our galaxy and the intimate connection I have with it."

Sarah J.  ✅Verified Buyer

Crafted to Perfection

"As someone who appreciates quality, I can confidently say that these bracelets exceed expectations. The attention to detail is impeccable, and the blend of materials creates a stunning visual effect. I'm proud to wear something that reflects my personality and beliefs."

Michael S.  ✅Verified Buyer

The Perfect Gift

"I've never seen my friend so thrilled with a gift before. Getting her a Constellations Zodiac Bracelet was a no-brainer. The symbolism behind it and the beautiful craftsmanship make it a gift that's both thoughtful and meaningful."

Samantha M.  ✅Verified Buyer

Above and Beyond

"I'm impressed not only with the quality of the product but also with the level of customer service I received. The team went out of their way to ensure I was satisfied with my purchase, and that level of care is rare to find these days."

Jessica T.  ✅Verified Buyer

Valuable Community

"Joining the Zodiac Bracelets community has been a transformative experience. The support, encouragement, and shared passion for self-discovery have created a space where I feel truly seen and valued."

Olivia M.  ✅Verified Buyer


"Finding jewelry that's both stylish and comfortable can be a challenge, but Zodiac Bracelets nailed it. The adjustable fit ensures that it sits just right on my wrist, and I often forget I'm even wearing it. It's become a staple in my daily wardrobe."

Emily B.  ✅Verified Buyer

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